Meeting of Technology and Cultural Heritage

Data: 27/02/2021

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“Meeting of Technology and Cultural Heritage” is an Erasmus+ KA229 project approved by Polish National Agency. The main goal of this project is to combine cultural heritage from all 5 countries involved with today’s technology and making it sustainable.
The main theme of our project is to make our cultural heritage sustainable through artistic activities. For this reason, we have made assessments on the development and targeting of cultural activities, such as theatre, music and dance, which are indispensable elements of our cultural heritage. We aim to share the past experiences of our partners who are experienced in these issues or to develop the potential to revive the cultural heritage in their curricula. In addition, our project will blend our technology and cultural heritage and teach our young people about their cultural backgrounds. In doing so, we will also encourage them to be more open to cultural studies using ICT tools.
We believe that our students will be successful not only by having a good performance academically but by improving themselves in all aspects. For this reason, we aim to create awareness of cultural heritage in our students, strenghten the importance of cultural heritage conservation and intercultural understanding.